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Slackpack 1.1.2 released. October 26, 2008

Posted by 0x41 in Slackpack News, Slackpack Releases.

version 1.1.2 just released.

-Version 1.1.2
Sunday October 26, 2008,


  • added icons to tabs.
  • added yes/no question dialogs to remove package future. (now you’ll never remove a package by mistake :P).
  • Various bug fixes.

Slackpack 1.1.2 package (.tgz)
Slackpack 1.1.2 source (.tar.gz)



1. Anonymous - December 11, 2008

Thank you for such manager. That first one with gui known to me.
But, I’d want to know, how will deleted temporary files be created after compiling of .tgz by clicking β€œCreate Package”? I have a some undeleted files.
Regards, Max.

2. mysticalgroovy - February 1, 2009

hey max, thank you for your comment, its been a while ago that i was stop working on the project coz i had some stuff to do, anyway if you ever see this comment, you can go to /tmp/ directory and delete temporary files from Slackpack that left behind πŸ˜›

Im watching the create package future now and its a bit buggy, ill fix it in the next release πŸ™‚

3. Anonymous - February 11, 2009

BTW, I recently knew that KPackageKit (it will be integrated in KDE as a default packets manager) will support Slack’s .tgz’s! It sounds great, possibility to manage packets with GUI “from box”. But KPackageKit has less features than Slackpack 1.1.2, so could you please contact the KPackageKit developers and tell them about your development successes? It would be great to see features of Slackpack in default manager. KPackageKit is lacking in:
-convert Slackware Linux packages from .deb and .rpm
-creating of Slackware .tgz packages from application’s source code.
Regards, Max

4. mysticalgroovy - February 18, 2009

hey m8,
nice idea ! πŸ˜‰
ill try to contact them if they have an email or somethink on the documentation of KPackageKit,

you know, i used to try to use KPackageKit to manage slackware packages, but with no luck πŸ˜›

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