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About Slackpack

Slackpack is a package manager for Slackware Linux.

Slackpack has a friendly GUI environment and it can install
packages, list installed packages, remove Slackware Linux packages
(.tgz or .txz) and convert to .tgz format from:

.deb (Debian format)
.rpm (Fedora format)

Slackpack can download Slackware Linux packages from packages repositories and create .tgz packages from
application’s source code.

Author Homepage:
Author Contact: mysticalgr{@t}gmail{d.ot}com

Slackpack Homepage: https://slackpackpkgman.wordpress.com

Please report any bug you found here:

If you have any feature requests please add them here:

Please feel free to express any commends/ideas or everythink else at mysticalgr{@t}gmail{d.ot}com

Thanks to:

Antony Dolzhenko – Ukrainian and Russian translations.
Lassi Kojo – Finish translation.
Matthew Bruenig – Shell Script for convert .deb to .tgz packages.
Plasma_GR – Slackpack’s Logo.

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